Have peace of mind in your pet’s safety with Pack Your Pets

Pack Your Pets is a one-stop shop for moving or traveling internationally with your pets. 

We’d love to meet with you and your pet to discuss how we can help you and your family navigate your exciting new adventure.

Step One

Assisting with
Veterinary Appointments

Pack your Pets will help with the process of researching all the regulations and requirements for your destination.

Our team will work closely with you and your veterinarian to schedule all the required vaccinations and testing in the order and timeframe needed.

Step Two

& Health Certification

Moving your pets to a new country can be a complex process, but with Pack Your Pets, you can rest assured that your furry friends are in good hands. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of determining the necessary steps for your pet’s entry to a new country. We’ll work with you to create a personalized travel plan with all the correct dates and forms needed for your new destination. From preparing health certificates to obtaining official approvals, Pack Your Pets has you covered every step of the way.

Step Three

Flights & Airline
Kennel Arrangements

We’ll work with the airlines to ensure your pet’s trip globally is comfortable and safe.

Our team will help you meet your airline’s breed and kennel size regulations. 

We’ll help schedule the shortest and most direct route to your destination and arrange all the flights and cargo shipments.

In addition to ensuring your pet has all the necessary test results, forms, stamps, and permissions, we understand the processes, people, and red tape involved. We will work closely with the USDA-APHIS office to make certain your pet has all the required endorsements before you even board your flight. We will schedule any required quarantine stays with the appropriate facilities to help ensure a worry-free arrival.

Custom Travel Kennels

We can build a custom wooden kennel for those dogs that are too big to travel in a traditional plane airline kennel. Kennels are built to comply with the Live Animal Regulations. Exact measurements of your pet are needed for all custom kennels. Please refer to the guide below for the measurements needed. Please provide your address and/or zip code for estimated shipping costs.

Step Four

Pet Transportation Service

Running low on time? We can help shuttle your pet to and from vet appointments or drop them off at the airport.

Note: Depending on your schedule, destination, flight, and airline restrictions, it might not always be possible for your pet to be on the same plane as you. If you need to leave before your pet does, we can arrange transport to the airport, andy boarding that may be needed and deliver your pet to their flight and see them boarded onto the plane safely.

Important Note:

The travel preparation time required by some countries can be lengthy and require more time than you might assume. We recommend that pet owners begin making pet travel arrangements as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays or unnecessary quarantine times. Worried you’ve waited too long? Give us a call!